July 18, 2015

Owl Quilt and Hoffman Challenge Quilt Finished!

I actually finished two quilts this month!  The Owl quilt has of course been an on-going project for many months, but the Hoffman Challenge quilt was only started after I won the fabric and Aurifil thread.  I can't show you pictures of the Hoffman Challenge quilt yet, but I can share the title which is the 'Pink Pomegranate Parade'.  I will share pictures with you as soon as the judging is over next week.

I can show you pictures of the finished Owl quilt now named 'Owls are Among Us'.

Just to refresh your memory.  I used a combination of embroidery designs from my two favorite digitizers.  The 'background' which is the tree and branches is a set from Chantell Creations and the Owls are a set from Mia.  Both are available for purchase if you are interested.  The other various, lizards, squirrels, flowers, grasshoppers, and birds are designs from Mia.  They are not currently for sale, but I am sure if you are interested in any of them you could contact Mia (see blog Accidental Embroiderer) and she would be happy to discuss a purchase price.

First up, a couple of pictures of the full quilt.  Its a little dark at the bottom because I don't have that great of lighting in the kitchen which is where I hang most of my things to get a picture.  I really need to set something up outside so I can get better pictures.

Next is a close up of each row.  Hopefully you can see all the little details better.

Look closely, there is a grasshopper and a lizard on this panel.

I see another lizard and another grasshopper hiding in the grass.

I usually like to do something fun on the back of my quilts, but this time I just used one fabric.  I didn't take a picture since it wasn't all that exciting.  I know you can't really tell, but the border is a gold metallic fabric which really blends well with the different gold and metallic fabric and threads in the owls.  I also have to say that I just LOVE my new Babylock Destiny sewing and embroidery machine.  I had most of the quilt already stitched before I purchased the Destiny, but the camera/scanning ability of this machine made the placement of the different lizards and grasshoppers, etc. easy as pie. 

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