June 07, 2015

Owl Quilt Progress

There has been progress on the Owl Quilt project!!  Yes I know, I am suppose to be working on the Hoffman Challenge Quilt, but as usual, I got distracted.  I have had the Owl quilt hanging up for a few days trying to figure out what else it needed.  It always helps when someone else looks at your work and shares their thoughts.  My sister Patti was over and looked at it for about five minutes and said, well you need a lizard or two and you need a plant in the lower right hand corner that is half in the sky and half in the grass.  Genius!  So that is exactly what I did, plus I added another grasshopper while I was at it.  Here are some peeks! 

First up, the new flower.

Next, one of the new lizards (yes there are two).  The other one is hidden in another place on the quilt.

Next is the second of two grasshoppers on the quilt.  The first one is really hard to see, its hidden in the grass between the three blackbirds.  If you look really close at the first picture you can see him there.

I also went ahead and stitched down the leaves that I had added.  They were stitched out separately then I used some of the Heat and Bond Lite that I won and ironed them down on the quilt.  You can see a couple of them in the middle picture.  I now have it hanging again to see if it needs anything else, but I am thinking that it looks pretty good right now.  If by next weekend I see nothing else to add, then I will put the back and binding on.

Now back to the Hoffman challenge quilt....

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