July 23, 2015

Pink Pomegranate Parade

Well it's looking like once again I have been overlooked by the judges at the Hoffman Challenge.  I guess they just don't appreciate the beautiful machine embroidery and the originality of the designs digitized by my very talented friend Mia.  They haven't announced the winners yet, but they have a PDF that you can download and it shows who is traveling and who won the prizes.  I can see my quilt on the list, but there is no prize next to it.  So once again, they will be keeping my beautiful quilt away from me for a whole year.  I can only hope that all of the visitors to the different quilt shows where it will be displayed will admire it and be inspired. 

I can share pictures now!  So enjoy!  Look closely, those are tiny little pearls glued around each elephants hat, one big one on front of each collar,  and really tiny ones above each leg band.  Mia digitized the elephants, the peacock centerpiece and the long row of diamonds around it.  Chantell helped out too, she digitized the large corner on-point squares and the smaller on-point squares around the center piece.  Thank you ladies!  I really appreciate all of your help.

Here are some close ups of each set of elephants.  Remember the whole idea is to use the challenge fabric in ingenious ways.  I thought using it for the blankets and little hats was a perfect plan.  I think they are adorable!

Here is a picture of the back.  You can see a big piece of the challenge fabric in the middle.  Needless to say it was a very challenging fabric choice!

And of course, last but not least, the label which according to my friend Jackie is sometimes better than my whole quilt.   I know she is kidding (I think).  Mia digitized the really great lettering for the Pink Pomegranate Parade label. 


  1. I came to your site via The Accidental Embroiderer. She mentioned your quilt with her owls, and it's a delightful piece, but I have to confess that I really love this elephant quilt!! Never mind those judges -- I'm sure everyone else is and will be totally amazed and impressed. (Now to figure out the baffling Hoffman website, so I can see if your quilt is traveling to my city...)

  2. Thank you for the kind words! It looks like I will be in trunk F whenever they decide to post the travel schedule.

  3. Ah! I had gone to the traveling calendar link, then was mystified by the whole "Collection X" list. Now I see that the contents are in a separate link. (Really, this site could be much better organized!) Anyway, it looks like your quilt isn't coming to Texas. :-( Maybe more locations will be added later? I'll keep checking...

    1. Just in case you are interested, they finally have up the pictures of the winning quilts. I saw a few nice ones, but nothing really breath taking.