May 10, 2015

Catching Up

I know you have heard all of the excuses, 'time flies', 'life happens', etc., from people trying to explain why there has been such a long length of time since their last blog update.  I will not bore you with my details or try to explain, I will just try to catch you up.  Many quilt projects have been started, and even a few have been finished.

 First up, the much anticipated Owl Quilt project that has been going on for what seems like forever.  I am very close to finishing it but there are just a few details that I am still working out in my head.   To create this wall art quilt I used a set that Chantell digitized (which can be purchased at her website) and a set of Owls that Mia digitized (also can be purchased through her blog).  Once I am finished and ready to reveal it I will give you more details.  But just to give you a little taste, here are pictures of two of the panels.

The tree and the branches are from Chantell's set and the owls are from Mia's.  The little squirrel is also digitized by Mia.

Two of my friends Jackie and Beverly have birthdays in basically the same week.  I really like making their gifts instead of just buying them something, because I want them both to feel special even though we sometimes celebrate both of their birthdays on the same day.  One received a t-shirt with an Aries Zentangle (courtesy of Mia) stitched on it, and the other received a little wall quilt named Seven Layer Cake (courtesy of Chantell). 

Label for the quilt.

Another project that I have started is my Aloha quilt.  The blocks are from Chantell's website.  One reason this one isn't finished yet is because I keep hoping that she will digitize some more blocks.  But if she doesn't, I will just stitch some of the existing blocks in different fabrics until I get enough to finish it up.  Basically these blocks come two ways; a small 'all in one' block, and then in a 1/4 block, which means you stitch four of them and then sew them together.  Just love how it looks so far!  There are more finished than what is shown in this picture, but you get the idea!

Some of the other things that I am working on include an Art Nouveau applique wall quilt for my bathroom, a multiple bird cages with birds project, plus I still have the Charlie Harper one to finish up and then there is the Hoffman Challenge quilt for this year.  Interesting story about the Hoffman challenge quilt, I had decided not to do one this year, but I won a very nice contest on the Sizzix blog and the fabrics were one of the prizes, so I figured, why not?  I will give you more details on the Sizzix prize once all of the prizes are delivered.  I want to thank each of the companies that sponsored the contest here on the blog, but to be fair I want to wait until my last prize is delivered.

Ok, that is all for now, thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!

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