June 29, 2014

Circle Room Divider

Just finished a little test project that will one day turn into a bigger project.  I do admit to spending many hours surfing the internet, browsing magazines and books, and way to much time on Pinterest looking for inspiration.  I think I saw this project first in a magazine, but have now seen it in several different places.  Here is the photo that I saved into my inspiration file.

If I could remember where I got the photo I would be happy to give credit for it, and if I do run across it again, I will come back and do that.

My friend Chantell at http://www.chantells-creations.com/ has been doing several TIRSO (Turn It Right Side Out) sets with different shapes.  I think if you look back at some of my recent projects you will find some of those shapes, especially the hexagon.  When she decided to do the circle shape, I just knew I wanted to give this idea a try.  Here is the end result, and as I said earlier, its just a test to see if I want to make it much bigger.  I think it turned out very nice.  These circles are pretty small as I used a charm pack of batiks.  When I make the final project, I plan on making the circles using the 8 inch round version of the embroidery design.

Here is a close up of a couple of the blocks so that you can see the quilting detail in them.

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