May 03, 2014

Some finished projects

Just a quick post today to show a few finished items.  This first one I made for Jackie for her sewing room.  It has been delivered so I can show it now.

The next one is a favorite of mine and several other friends.  It has a new home in Iowa, but hasn't been delivered yet.  Jackie's Aunt collects Blue Delft pieces and we think she is going to love it too.

Next up is a different pattern, but it is actually the same fabrics as the blue one, only it is the green version of the fabric.  It doesn't have a new home yet, but its looking for one!

These all were made using blocks from Chantell's Creations.  She has been working on a series of blocks that use the 'stitch and flip' method that she is calling 'Points'.  They stitch out like a dream as usual!

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