August 01, 2017

Kimberbell Christmas "Jingle All The Way" Quilt

For my next teaching project at Quilts and Lace I decided to make the Machine Embroidery version of the new "Jingle All The Way" quilt from Kimberbell.  I will be using a fabric line called Jingle Birds by Keiki for Moda fabrics. 

The quilt is very cute and in Kimberbells usual style, it includes lots of different techniques that adorn the quilt with dimensional decorations.  Included are dimensional gift tags, ribbons, buttons, chenille flocked trees, vinyl snow globes, and even little fringe wreaths.  Here is a picture from the front of the instruction book.

Here are just a few samples of fabric from Jingle Birds that I will be using:

I will be breaking up the different blocks of the quilt into several classes.  The first one is August 15 which I will be demonstrating how to make the applique candy cane blocks, the Chenille Trees and the stockings with a Chenille cuff.

The Chenille trees are made in the usual applique technique until the last step.  You then add three layers of the same fabric on top of the already appliqued tree and the embroidery machine adds the 'chenille stitches'.  You then remove the basting stitches and with a fine tip pair of scissors, lift the top three layers of fabric and cut a straight line between the channels of stitching.

Here is a picture showing the applique finished but the top fabrics for the Chenille haven't been added yet.

And here is what it looks like with the Chenille layers added and cut and then the edges frayed.

How cute is that?  The next block I will be demonstrating is the stockings with the Chenille cuff.  It is done just like the trees, but just the cuff has the extra three layers of fabric added and then cut and frayed.

And the last block that we will work on in class will be the Candy Canes.  Pretty simple straight forward applique.

Per the pattern instructions, I made four of the Chenille tree blocks, two of the stockings with a Chenille cuff blocks, and two of the candy cane blocks.  A good start!  I really think it is turning out nice with these fabrics.  The blues, reds, and greys look really great together.

Next month I will be working on the peppermint twists, The appliqued Jingle All The Way signs, and the snow globes. 

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