October 03, 2015

Update and a Share

First, I wanted to show you a final finished picture of the Cherri Tree Branch quilt.  I didn't finish it the typical backing and binding way.  I did what Chantell calls TIRSO (turn it right side out).  Which basically means putting the quilt front and the backing right sides together and stitching around it leaving a 'hole' big enough to then turn it inside out.  I then just stitched in the ditch and glued a few little flower buttons that I bought from Stamp-in Up on it.  And here is the result, first an over all picture.

Then a close up so you can see the little flower buttons. 

Although I am not really a 'stamper' I do find that Stamp-in Up has lots of products that can be used for my quilting.  I have a wonderful Stamp-in Up demonstrator, Catherine.  I will add her website on the right just in case you might want to check out what they have available.

Next up is my 'share'.  My sister Patti asked me if I would stitch her a dragon on my embroidery machine for her.  She was taking a quilting class at our local quilt shop and had bought some fabrics to make her quilt with and one of them had dragons on it.  Mia had digitized a set of dragons for me a while back and I immediately thought of the one which was my favorite.  Below you can see the results, her finished quilt.  I think she did a great job!

Here is a close up of the dragon fabric.

And finally a close up of the embroidered dragon.


  1. Great quilts! Love Mia's designs, and your tree idea is great!

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