February 16, 2014

There really is stitching being done

Ok, so it was pointed out to me yesterday (Thanks Jackie) that I haven't blogged anything for over a month.  I really do need to share some pictures of projects just so you know that I haven't been idle.  I haven't been working on the things that I should be working on (but that is new how?)  Although, I have been working on one project that I was commissioned for, which is a good thing.  I have been working on a King sized bed runner made from hexagons.  I think I have made 80+ so far.  Here is a picture of just a few:
I also have been stitching some various blocks that will either be made into a quilt or wall hangings, or maybe even some individual pillows.  Here are a few of those.  This first one will probably be made into a pillow.  I am fascinated by the newspaper print fabrics.  I think they give a different look to projects that I would normally just use plain white fabric for.  All of these blocks were made using Chantell's Creations embroidery designs.

Next up are a few that will hopefully make it together in a wall hanging for my bedroom.  You might recognize this fabric from some pillows that I made for the bedroom earlier.


I was on a roll with this fabric and made a 'hot plate' mat for the kitchen.  I ended up hanging it on the side of my refrigerator.  It looks very nice there.

Then I made a couple of  ones that I will probably make into pillows using a fabric with some cats on it.  This comes in 3 colorways, so I am sure another one will show up soon.

Next up is a block I made while trying to decide how to move forward on the Charlie Harper quilt.  I was just playing around with some ideas.  I have a clear view of that quilt now and have been working on it in the background.  Once I have a little more stitched I will share.

There are a few more that I can't share yet.  Have to wait on Chantell to release the design files first. 

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