November 10, 2013

Christmas Tree Quilt

Here is the Christmas Tree Quilt that I have been talking about.  I once again used blocks from Chantell's Creations.  These are done in the Stitch and Flip method.  Very similar to paper piecing, but using the embroidery machine instead.

I am trying to find a way to get better photos of my projects.  I have very little wall space, so I do not have a way to hang them to take pictures such as a design wall.  So I usually end up placing them on the floor, and trying to get high enough to get a picture.  I have also used my friends to hold them for me to get pictures.  I am thinking of alternative ways to get photos.  One thought would be to use a room divider, I could open it up when I needed to take a picture, and then close it back up for storage.  Looking for other suggestions.

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