August 03, 2013

Hoffman Challenge Results

Well, the results are in, and no I didn't win any prizes :-(  I am very disappointed in the judges choices this year.  A few were good, but some of the winners looked very basic and boring.  Just my opinion of course, and it always depends on who the judges are.  Each and every one of them are looking for something different, something that appeals to them. 

I have considered not entering this particular contest because of the lack of interest in machine embroidery on the quilts.  I thought for sure now that Sulky had entered the contest that they would be a little more open to the beautiful things that can be done with our embroidery machines.   I believe they are and that 'times are changing' in the world of accepted quilts.  I am not sure that I want to wait :-)   I personally think I will be looking for some different contests this year to enter.

The details as explained on the Hoffman web site states that they had 598 entries this year.  They also said that they had to send 250 entries home that would not be in their traveling showcase.  This is where I am a little sad, because mine is traveling, which means that I will not see it again until late next year.  I didn't get any real good pictures of it, but I will share a few with you that I did get.  Here is the front.

Here is the back.

I want to thank Mia for all of her hard work drawing and digitizing the designs for me.  Without her I would never be able to create most of these masterpieces of art!

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