February 12, 2013

Machine Embroidery Quilts

I have been working with Machine Embroidery for years.  I especially like making quilts using the embroidery machine.  You get a very exact product unlike regular quilting techniques.

Lately I have been working with my friend Chantell of Chantell's Creations on a new technique.  She has been digitizing Turn It Right Side Out (TIRSO) quilt blocks.  These are very different from the quilt blocks that she regularly digitizes.  The regular blocks usually have satin stitched edges, and once you are finished stitching all the blocks you zigzag them together with your sewing machine.  They give your quilt a heavier feel than traditional quilt blocks.  But the new TIRSO technique is producing a very 'traditional' feel.  Chantell created the idea when we discussed an easier way to create hexagons.  You can make a lot of wonderful things with hexagons, but they are a lot of work.  This technique made it much easier.  Here is an example of a table runner I made using the 3 inch embroidery design.

This is a table runner that I just completed using 5 inch blocks.  The middle row has designs that were added from my stash of embroidery designs.


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